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You just found your partner for manufacturing your OEM electronic parts or for developing your custom made power supply that fits perfectly within your application.
Our company has many years of experience in the field of power supply development and manufacturing for a wide range of applications.
To optimize the service to our customers our company setup covers all the required aspects from design to final product delivery by means of a close cooperation between companies that add value to the group with their specialized skills and capabilities.
All these companies are united within the TP-Group.

The members of the TP-Group are:

1 European design, sales & distribution center:

Our Design, Sales and Distribution Center is the HEADQUARTER of the TP-GROUP located in the Netherlands, being the gateway to all European countries.

The activities within the TP-GROUP are the following:

  • Design of all kind of Power Supplies and OEM products.
  • Direct sales to the BENELUX countries and other countries not covered by one of our local sales subsidiaries.
  • Technical support and after sales services.
  • Guidance and support to our factories.


  • Skilled team of engineers with more than 25 years of experience in designing custom made Power Supplies and all other kind of related electronic products.
  • Experienced group of high educated sales people with a thorough product knowledge and capable to communicate in the Dutch, English and German language.
  • In house facilities like an extended set of state of the art test- and measurement equipment.
  • Professional completely welded shielded room for pre-compliance EMC testing of the our own custom designed Power Supplies.

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2 – Philippines Design and Production Facility

Located in the industrial zones in the Republic of the Philippines our company is best described as a flexible organization specialized in design and production of middle and small quantity products with a high level of complexity.
The availability of highly educated and skilled designers and factory workers makes this location interesting for design and production of products fitting into this category.

Total Product Development Philippines Inc. or TPD Philippines Inc. is a Research, Design and Development Company specialized in Power Electronics (Smart Power Supplies) and OEM Products.

The company provides full design of products and manufacturing services in turnkey solutions. Registered as PEZA company that was incorporated last June 2020. Philippine Office is an extension of TPS BV (Total Product Solutions BV) in the Netherlands – Head Office for Design, Sales and Support.
In the same building also our ISO 9001 certified production partner M.T.I. Philippines is located, so all required facilities are available under one roof.

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3 – China Production Facility

The factory in China is highly specialized in the production of magnetic components and switched mode power supplies.

The production facility obtains more than 24.000 m² of production floor and gives jobs to more than 1000 employees.
The company is provided with the latest state of the art production equipment and has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.
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4 – Thailand Production Facility
CY Technology. CO,. LTD

CY Technology is specialized in production of large quantity electronic devices.

Because this company has outstanding quality assurance procedures for the complete production process which is strictly controlled by well educated employees we can offer you the highest product quality against most competitive prices.

The long term relationship between this company and our European Headquarter makes it a valuable member of the TP-Group especially when fully tested fast product delivery is required.

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