In addition to the development of your power supply or electronic device, the TP-Group can also handle the production and all it’s related aspects for you, like purchasing, manufacturing, testing, burn-in and also transport of the goods.

When the time to market of your product is short and when you are looking for professional design and production facilities we are your right partner to fulfill this job.

Automatic SMT assembly lines
Automatic SMT assembly line with special treatment locations for manual placement of large components.

Fully automatic insertion line for SMT parts on the Printed Circuit Boards.

Transformer and choke winding and assembly area.

Like shown in the images above, we have several state of the art and automated assembly lines available, as well as highly educated personal at our partner companies in the Far East region. Because of their flexible and efficient workflow they are capable to guarantee short lead times.

On top of all fully equipped production lines we are also familiar with modern communication methods, which are often used to communicate with the embedded software facilities in the customers products like RS-485, RS-232, IoT, Modbus, etcetra.
The required facilities for the final tests of these type of power supplies or electronic devices are also present for checking each function of your intelligent electronic product.
Our carefully chosen Far East production partners – which are all located in industrial zones – make each aspect of the production easy, because all required parts and disciplines are available just around the corner.

This set-up stands for competitive prices and highly efficient manufacturing of your product within the shortest possible lead time.

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